Tiger Shark Makes The Day

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Tiger Shark

With the kids back in school, at least here. Fort Lauderdale, we enter our slow down season. That’s as far as the business end of things, the fishing still goes on. LOL

Kingfish and Bonitos are being caught in the area of the reef close to shore. Trolling has been the best way to catch them and a few have been on the large size. Very unusual for this time of year. We will continue to catch Bonitos for a bit longer and as always, Tuna can be mixed in with those schools

But as we enter September and October, things begin to change. Tuna and Wahoo become much more frequent and the big bomber Bonitos leave us. Their offspring becoming our bullets or baby Bonitos and an excellent type of live bait. These baits will attract large Wahoo, Kings and Sailfish in just a few weeks.

Bottom fishing has been good with the deep wrecks and reefs providing us with some nice snappers of various types. The drift boat has been doing well on the anchor trip which targets these species.

But what has been very unusual time of year has been some of the exotic sharks being caught. While summertime usually leaves us with Bull and Sandbar sharks, Threshers and even a big Tiger shark have been caught.

Tiger sharks have a nasty disposition and are never docile when next to the boat, so getting a good picture of them can be tough. In the picture I posted, you can see the spots very faintly. This fish was tired after the battle and they lose their color in that state. When excited or fresh, these spots are much brighter and more predominant. I won’t begin the discussion of why these weren’t called Leopard sharks… LOL

Anyway, that’s been our fishing here off the coast of Fort Lauderdale. Wahoo, Tuna and soon Mahi-mahi are all coming soon. Hope to see you…

Capt. Steve

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