The Perfect Fishing Trip

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There are times our customers, or guests as I like to refer to them, have their own perceptions of what their perfect fishing trip is. But most our guests never know what to expect when they step onto our boats. They know they are going fishing but how and what happen are unknowns to many. They just board the boat and sit back for the ride.

For these people my idea of a perfect fishing trip is one where everyone catches something and then something cool to be brought in. Getting your hands on the rod, feeling the fish pull as you begin to wind. Maybe it pulls enough to make the drag slip out or maybe it doesn’t. The fish is soon at the boat and your job is done and done well.

Getting everyone a fish the last few months has been a struggle, to say the least. But it is with great glee that I say the tide has turned here in our area off the coast of Florida. With March came the fish and lots of them. Mahi-mahi showed up in good numbers and size. Kingfish began biting again as well as a few Bonitos close to the reef. Sharks of various species and Sailfish have also been caught in recent days like the one caught just 2 days ago in the picture.

And with ALL this action it’s so nice to see our customers smiling about their catches rather than our jokes and stories. But the true perfect fishing trip is the smile on the young man at the bottom here. While certainly no monster of the deep or trophy size catch, this young man caught the absolute BEST fish of his life all by himself. And that big smile he’s wearing, to me as a captain? That IS the perfect fishing trip!IMG_0196 smile

Captain Steve

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