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Fort Lauderdale Fishing

Fort Lauderdale FishingWith our first cold front plunging temperatures into the mid 70’s… I know, not much of a cold front unless 90’s have been your norm… we have had some great fishing! Cooler sea temps have giving us better action on the surface baits and with that? Live bait and flying fishing kites has become the best fishing technique to produce bites. Sailfish, Dolphin, small sharks and Kings have all been attracted to the surface to eat. And as we get further into our cooler months, this will improve.


Kite fishing has been around for a long time. The idea behind it is live or dead bait supported on or near the surface. When fish feed, they chase baits up through the depths to the surface where it is easier to catch. The kite takes care of step one. It is also nice to “see” the bite. Many times you can see what’s been attracted and lately, that has been Sailfish.


Sailfish is one of the most fun fish we catch for sport. They are strong, acrobatic and absolutely phenomenal in their ability to elude capture. They don’t know we intend to release them, their edibility is poor. Being the Florida State fish, a sport fish and somewhat endangered, we try and release them. It is rare you will see one hanging at the dock anymore unless we cannot revive the fish at sea, as we have in the picture today. These bigger fish fight very hard and expend lots of their energy. Landing them quickly helps us to revive them. This fight took over 40 minutes.


Small Kingfish and some Dolphin have been filling in some of our time as well. If our history of the last few years runs true, expect more picture of some nice sized Dolphin as well. December and January have been excellent months for these fish the last 3 years or so.


Bottom fishing has also been good. Mutton Snappers, Yellowtails and Amberjacks have been biting both deep and shallow.


So what will today bring? We never know. But we’re ready for whatever the fish gods offer. Come join us.


Captain Steve

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