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Birthday Fishing Party

Posted on by Captain Steve

kids fishing time

An old friend of mine surprised at the dock this morning. I hadn’t seen him in 10 years or so and I learned his 6-year-old was celebrating his birthday aboard the Lois Ann. A birthday fishing party!

Many times, we have birthday fishing parties on our boats. Some are private, others just join who ever is on the drift boat and in this case, they made up about half the people on board.

The great thing about kids that age is they don’t care how big, what kind or anything else about a fish. It’s a fish and that alone is exciting. All fish that come over the rail are inspected by the young anglers with approving stares. Then the barrage of questions begins, sometimes waiting for an answer, other times not so much. LOL

It’s all about having fun with family and friends… And, of course, divvying up the catch at the end of the trip. The group had caught about 12-15 snappers and I’m pretty sure the barbecue was ready and waiting!

So if you’re looking for something special for those youngsters in your life? A birthday fishing party might just be the perfect match!

Capt. Steve

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