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Kid Friendly Fishing

Posted on by Captain Steve

kid hold barracuda

I am often asked about kid friendly fishing trips. We do mention kid friendly fishing trips on our website but it’s not a special trip at a certain time… The fact is if kids on board, we’re friendly. Even with adults, we’re friendly.

We can custom tailor a fishing trip that fits the children’s age. In some cases, when the child is very young, say 3-6 years old, we may spend some catching smaller baitfish. The bite is usually fast and furious and the kids like the action. The rods are smaller too making it easier to handle. Well, not much fits in a 3 year old’s hands, but they can do it with help.

Once they get to 7 or 8, up to about 12 or so, they have come into their own some. They get excited at almost any fish. Each one is bigger than his or hers, and I can see we’re on our way to a true fisher person.

As a matter of fact, today’s picture he’s to with one of those kid friendly fishing trips. It was this young man’s birthday. He very much wanted to catch a BIG fish. A big Barracuda was what he really wanted. Those teeth and all…

We started by catching baitfish. Bend the rod so to speak. After catch a few baits, we began trolling. A few Kings and… a Barracuda! But that one was kind of small and he wanted something bigger. 

So we pulled our gear and ran to a wreck. Time to see if something live could coax a larger fish of some kind. 

Birthday luck is a powerful thing. The bait wasn’t 10’ from the boat when this big Barracuda came and ate it. It missed the hook both the first and second time but we got him that third time. Our young angler fought that Cuda for about 15 minutes. Every time we got him to the boat, he’d take off 50-100’ of line. Finally tired, both angler and fish, we were able to boat, photograph and measure the fish. We had one very happy birthday boy. 

So no matter how old the kids are, we have a kid friendly fishing trip for them. We will even be nice to the parents too. 

Capt. Steve

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