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Fort Lauderdale Fall Fishing

Posted on by Captain Steve

Mahi mahi fish

It has always amazed me how much a few degrees of temperature can make such a difference. Fort Lauderdale fall fishing is upon us. To be out on the sea when it is 87 degrees is much more comfortable than say… 95. LOL Let’s drop that humidity down too. That also makes a big change in how things feel.

Our days are getting shorter and with that comes less time for the sun to heat the ocean. The cooling waters start the migration of baitfish, usually seen in schools of finger Mullet. And right on time, they have appeared.

With schools of baitfish on the move to the south, all sorts of fish species follow, the most popular is the Mahi-mahi. Generally found in deeper waters, this time of year they come in close to the coast. With all that bait traveling by it is a feast of bonanza proportion for them as well as us. These are not the schooling fish we find in the summer. Those fish we have to measure and throw back the little ones. These are the nice sized Dolphin that can give quite the tussle.

With the sea temperatures dropping October also is a good time of year for Wahoo. While we catch these year-round, October is known for better than average catches. Again, these are sizable fish on the move following their food source.

While we as crew are delighted with just these 2 species being around I get to say… But wait! There’s more! LOL

Fort Lauderdale fall fishing also includes better than average Sailfish action. We are generally trolling to catch fish and get ample shots at sailfish in October and November. But it is also the time of year we start back using live bait. That cooler water I spoke of makes it easier for the fish to come to the surface. Whether on the troll or live baiting with kites, both are an excellent and exciting way to catch Sails.

Cooler temperatures and catching fish, that’s what Fort Lauderdale fall fishing has for you.

Capt. Steve

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Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report

Posted on by Captain Steve

Mahi fish

August began sort of so-so but as you will see in this Fort Lauderdale fishing report, things are heating up here off our coast.


The biggest change has been the fishing offshore of Fort Lauderdale. Recent all-day trips have been very successful in both Swordfish and Mahi-mahi.

Our most recent Swordfishing trip netted us 2 nice bites. Both decent fish between 150-200 lbs. While we were able to see the fish, we were not able to get either into the boat. Our guests were delighted with the fight and the sights, but as you can imagine, Capt. Jimmy and crew were decimated.

It’s always that last little bit that gives the most trouble. With less line out, each time the fish moves, it has a more direct impact on the hook and where it is set. This is true for most any type of fish and NO fish is excited about their first boat ride… LOL

Our next all-day trip was strictly for Dolphin. Since it was the same guest and with the heart break the day before, They decided to make another day drop for a Sword. In their travels, they did find Dolphin and ended up with a nice catch. This was repeated a few days later with Mahi’s being found much closer to shore than the day before, only about 7-8 miles off the coast. I guess a Swordfish Just wasn’t in the cards for this customer.

On the Reef

Closer to shore where our shorter 4- and 6-hour trips fish, we are finding Bonitos and Kings biting well. Much better than in recent weeks. The drift fishing boat has also been doing well in this area with assorted snapper and other reef fish as well as a few Kings and Bonitos.

It’s all about fishing and catching something. And having fun doing it. And we have been.

Capt. Steve

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Family Fishing

Posted on by Captain Steve

kids holding mahi mahi

Here in the Fort Lauderdale area we often do family fishing trips. A private charter is the best way though some opt to fish on the party or drift boat. My group today was from Utah and had literally just been in Fort Lauderdale less than an hour before boarding the boat! I consider that a high compliment…

With their luggage stored and locked in my truck (see? I told you literally), we were on our way to the ocean for some fishing fun. The radio was mentioning some Bonitos were around and we headed that direction.

After fishing for almost 20 minutes and unable to get a bite, I was becoming frustrated. Our family however were having the time of their life talking to Sean as their 7-year-old Xander was asking 1,000 questions a minute. Finally, we did have that first bite, the most important bite of a trip! It was pulling hard and I was thinking Bonito. The fish gods apparently liked this family from Utah and a nice Mahi-mahi was boated! With the first bite out of the way, a few Bonitos were caught  and we opted to try for something bigger.

As we often do, the big baits were deployed and then a bottom rig was used to keep folks entertained. You never know what will bite that rig and immediately we caught a small Tilefish.

Sometimes it will produce Vermilion snapper or Grouper. Maybe some Yelloweyes and other bottom creatures. Today the bottom fishing was slow because the current was running at over a knot. We caught another Tilefish or 2 before the end of our trip. And we never did get that BIG bite.

So even on a slow day, or what I consider slow, our family fishing trip was still a huge success for this family from Utah. I guess they don’t have much deep sea fishing in Utah… LOL

Capt. Steve

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