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Cold Fronts Push Fish

Posted on by Captain Steve

cuda fish

This is the time of year Florida folks long for… When a cold front pushes through our area. The oppressive heat lowers as does the humidity and we stop complaining about how hot it is and begin complaining how cold it is. LOL

Being from Chicago, I call these “cool” fronts. As we relish temps in the 60-70’s, we also dig out our jeans, sweaters, jackets and gloves. Being a resident here for over 50 years now, I join those folks shivering on a early morning in the low 60’s.

What does this have to do with a fishing report you ask? Well, just as we change our clothes to endure, the fish must change their location to stay comfy. They do this by migrating south and Fort Lauderdale just happens to be right in a spot they pass by.

The Continental shelf lies just off our coast. With the Gulf Stream being miles off our shore with its north current, the fish move inside close to the coast to make their trip. And with each “cool” front that comes through, the temperatures in the water dip a little cooler. Welcome to our version of I-95 for fish!

Our catches change from mostly edible fish to game and sport fish. Sailfish and sharks are the top catches with other species mixed in. Most Mahi’s caught this time of year don’t have to be measured, they far exceed the legal minimum. Tuna become more prolific and Wahoo are also around. They like Tuna too. LOL

So at this time of year as you visit from somewhere up north, don’t be surprised at the clothes we might be wearing as you show up for your fishing trip with shorts and a T. There is a chance of filling the box with just one fish! And that’s saying something… LOL

Capt. Steve

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