Summertime Fishing In March

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Summertime Fishing in MarchWe have had an unusual year as far as our weather here in Fort Lauderdale. While most of you have been freezing your butts off, we have been experiencing higher than normal temperatures. The cold fronts we did have didn’t stay long and the water never got really cool enough to move the fish through. January and February were slow months for fishing but things are changing for the good.

We’ve already experienced some Dolphin which is usually a spring and summer fish. But the BIG surprise is the Tunas and Bonitos are showing about 1 month early! Bonitos, a valuable bait source for us, are biting well and giving our anglers some well-deserved action. Bending the rod is always our goal and these fish sure do fit that bill. With them, some nice sized Blackfin Tunas are also in the area, again arriving earlier than normal.

Our trip yesterday was quite a surprise to find us reeling more than talking. Bonitos 2 and 3 at a time, a Blackfin here and there, even a Dolphin that’s being held in the picture.

And with these fish come the predators, the big Sharks! Mix this with some Sailfish action and you’ve got yourself a great trip! Fort Lauderdale fishing is lighting up. It’s time to get out there. I look forward to it every day.

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