Summer Snapper

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Now that the 4th of July has passed and my dog is out from under the bed, it’s time for summer snapper. While we fish for them the entire year-round, this time of year off Fort Lauderdale is when you can reap a nice harvest!

On the sport fishing boats, trolling is still a mainstay in catching fish. Kings and Bonitos are in the reef area as well as the occasional Sailfish or Tuna. But when it comes time to put some big baits out, the bottom, or entertainment rod as we call it, also comes out. We will concentrate our efforts in areas that snapper inhabit, and many times end up with our limit. Vermilions and Yelloweyes are found in deeper waters. Yellowtails and Muttons are found on the shallow wrecks.

On the drift boat it all depends on the conditions. Fast moving current can move the boat across a spot quickly. Too quickly for the smaller spots. This forces the boats into shallow waters and Lane snappers along with the occasional Yellowtail or Mutton are also caught.

But if the current is not too strong, the deeper spots come into play. The picture above is a recent day on our drift fishing boat, the Lois Ann. Conditions were great for this spot and some nice sized Vermilions were taken. While the bite and conditions change day to day, you can see things can get pretty busy.

So if you live in the area or are planning a trip to Fort Lauderdale soon, get out there and get some of these summer snapper. You just never know what else might come on your line…

Capt. Steve

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