Spring Fishing Trends

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While some are still digging out of Old Man’s wintery grip, we in south Florida are beginning to see the signs of spring already. Stronger sun rays and longer days continue to warm the ocean off our coast. Our Spring fishing trends are just around the corner and as always, we look forward to them.

While some species are still traveling south in the migration this year, others will be making the turn to return soon. The last of the species are usually some of the more exotic sharks we catch down off Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood.

Threshers, Tigers, Makos and Hammerheads, just to name a few, come through our area to breed. Many of the shark species are protected, so catch and release is our practice. But for many, it is exciting to see and even more exciting to hook into one of these rather rare breeds on some of the biggest tackle made. That is, if you are up for testing your strength.

We catch Sailfish year-round here and they haven’t been disappointing us lately. As the months wear on we expect Sailfish action to increase as the waters warm. There have even been years where winter stayed late, and our spring fishing trend had Sailfish migrating both north and south at the same time. It takes a deep cold front in late March to make that happen, we’ll hope that is not the case this year.

Bottom fishing has been producing some nice results as the picture of this Mutton Snapper shows. Amberjack have also been biting on the deep wrecks and reefs. This is expected to continue and improve.

Some of you will be here for spring break. If so, check us out for a fishing trip. It is always great to be out on the water this time of year.

Capt. Steve

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