September Fishing Forecast

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Fort Lauderdale Fishing

Fort Lauderdale FishingWith Labor Day upon us and the threat of what became hurricane Hermine now gone, we can look forward to the September fishing forecast in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood, Florida. September is a month of change as the waters here cool off shore and the migration of Mullet begin to move down our shores.


The Mullet run is one of the most visible signs you will ever see. Easily seen from the beach, large schools of these bait fish can be found swimming south just off our shores. Ranging from the small finger mullet to full grown, they move slowly along the coast and through the canals. A look of “nervous” water above them and a dark shade from the school itself, they fill the inlets and waterways. Tarpon, Barracuda and other predators disturb the school and large splashes can be seen when they are being chased.


While this is highly visible, other bait fish are also making their move south and this brings new food and migrating fish into our area. Mid to late September is when it begins and will run through most of October. Kingfish, Wahoo and Sailfish will be among the fish that will be enjoying the feast and we’ll be there to greet them.


It’s been all smiles on the sport fishing boats with the Bonitos keeping us entertained. We’ve also been doing well with Small Vermillion Snapper on the bottom. They don’t get very big but when you can bring them up 2 and 3 at a time, it’s a tasty meal. There is always that chance of a Grouper or 2, Snowy’s have been biting in the deep waters. It is a lot of winding though, most are in 300-400’ of water!


A couple of happy campers here holding some of their catch and that is ALWAYS our hope on each and every fishing trip.


Captain Steve

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