Let’s Go Fishing

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Let's go fishing

Let's go fishingWith the holiday weekend upon us, many people are saying “Let’s go fishing”. I know this to be true because my phone has been ringing quite a bit, even yesterday with all the on and off rain. So what might you expect if you do go fishing this weekend?


Well, expect to see lots of boats on the water. The forecast is for light winds and fairly calm seas. This is based on what the weather service is predicting. They have never been wrong… None the less, other than the occasional shower, I expect weather to be great.


As far as our fishing goes? The reef area has been teaming with Kingfish and Bonitos. If you go drift fishing, you are going to have to move that bait to attract the fish’s attention. Depending on the current and how hard it moves will determine if the bottom fishing is possible. Even on days with some good current, you can still get down to the bottom and catch Mutton, Yellowtail or Vermillion snappers.


Our charter boats have been having the best luck with trolling lately. Kings and Bonitos provide much of the action but the occasional Dolphin has also been found. Most have been small, too small to keep. Blackfin Tuna have also been around with a few good sized ones even though it’s getting a little late in the season.


Sailfish on the troll and with live bait have been present as have a few sharks. But with this warm weather, They are moving to deeper waters. You just never know.


What you do know is it is going to be beautiful this weekend. So if you’re looking for something other than burgers and dog to throw on the grill? Let’s go fishing!


Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.


Captain Steve

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