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Happy Kids

Happy KidsEach time I take a family with kids, or maybe a birthday party for a kid, I know we’re going to have a good trip. The reason is kids don’t care what you catch or how big it is. They aren’t concerned with whether you can eat it or not. From the smallest Bonito and Blue Runner to micro Dolphin, they are excited each time the rod bends and the reel sings. The more, the merrier.


Summertime is perfect for those family outings and parties. Close to shore all kinds of fish are in good numbers. Bonito, Kingfish, Barracuda (always a favorite), Wahoo and Tuna can all be found in close to shore right now. Trolling for these fish not only produces the most hits but also creates a breeze. With temperatures in the low 90’s almost every day, that breeze is welcome, believe me. And that is what is going on right now here in Fort Lauderdale just off the shore.


Summertime is also a great time of year for an evening Swordfish Trip. Light winds and cooler temperatures at night make for comfortable settings as we head off shore 12 to 14 miles to the Swordfish grounds. There is always some fishing on the way out before setting our big lines and the chance at Dolphin, though Dolphin fishing hasn’t been great these last few days, widely scattered and on the small size, too small to keep at times. The 8 hour trip is a bit long for the kids unless they are really into fishing.


The photo attached is from a recent afternoon trip and we all had a ball. But it is back at the dock where everyone is smiling that makes me the happiest. Proud of their recent catch and not afraid to touch or hold their fish. Well, sometimes it’s a little yucky… But not with this group. LOL


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