Hammerhead Shark Fishing

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Our trip today wasn’t really a Hammerhead Shark fishing trip. John and the rest of the group from Delta showed up in a great mood with some beers and were ready to catch fish, ANY fish. When people come on board talking and laughing you can just tell it’s going to be a good day.

While our customers were having a ball, Donnie and I were pulling our hair out. Weed was scattered and abundant. Constant attention to the baits and deep lines was required to keep them clear. The first 30 minutes we hadn’t had a bite.

Finally one of the deep baits was bit and we landed a decent Kingfish. Everyone had fun urging the angler on including making fun of him because it was taking so long. It was the furthest bait out from the boat. Cheers and high 5’s all around, you’d have thought we just won a major tournament or something. LOL

As we moved south the weed improved and so did the bite. We ended up catching 6 nice Kingfish with everyone getting a chance on the rod and reel.

We had options of some other things to do but John wanted to try for something big. It took about 10 minutes to switch over to big baits and then deploy them. Only we didn’t get very far.

The top bait was set and the mid bait was almost to depth when something ripped the line out of Donnie’s hand. The fish let go but came back a few more times until he finally ate it and we hooked him!

Hooting and hollering ensued to the point John could barely hear me or Don. And after about 30 minutes we got a glimpse of a large sea creature. A Hammerhead shark had eaten our bait and was now becoming fussy as he neared the boat.

The fish was boat, measure and released in good form. All hammerheads are protected here in Florida and this one will be bigger the next time he is hooked.

While we weren’t entirely Hammerhead shark fishing, apparently, we were there at the end. LOL

Congrats John.

Capt. Steve

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