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Fort Lauderdale FishingIt is impossible not to have a great time fishing right now. Coming back from 2 days off to find the fish snapping was a great surprise. While the Kingfish on the reef had been biting well, Dolphin and Sailfish have joined the mix and with some numbers! And trolling has been the most productive.


The winds have been from the northeast, our best fishing wind and seas have been running around 3 to 4′. It’s been a little choppy out there but the good fishing certainly makes up for it. Even after doing this for over 40 years, I am excited and having a great time fishing not knowing what the next bite will bring.


Our guests are just happy catching fish the entire trip without much waiting. And the best part is the action once the Dolphin or Sailfish bite. You aren’t just reeling in a fish that you don’t see till it is boated. You are getting to see him “air out” when he jumps! And most do just that. Dolphin jump almost every time and Sailfish? Well, they can fool you, they might jump on the hook up or they might wait for some time into the fight before showing themselves. And my favorite is when they wait till at the boat just 10′ or so away and come shooting out of the water. You go from knowing you’ve got something big on to OMG! Have those cameras ready, it’s a pristine Kodak moment!


While pitching live bait to Dolphin and Sailfish has been working, that is sight fishing, when they are close. But these days trolling has been outproducing the kites and live bait 10 fold. We caught 2 Sails at the same time on the troll in the morning, just little guys and a nice BIG one in the afternoon. But no matter the size, they are a blast! The smaller ones are posted on our Facebook page.


All I know is you will have a great time fishing right now. The bite is on and I can’t wait to get back out there!


Captain Steve

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