Great Sport Fishing Trip

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Sail 2Some of our guests that fish with us in Fort Lauderdale just seem to be lucky and that certainly includes Rudy. Lucky at fishing is always good. He showed up with a new group of guys and was hoping for more of what we’d had the last trip. Some Mahi-Mahi, something big maybe too?

With grey skies and a forecast of rain, the group showed up at the dock in a light drizzle. We loaded up and got some live bait on the way out. Live bait we buy works best in the kites and with light rain the kites don’t fly so we began trolling right out front.

Normally, I like to venture away from the port on all day trips. But with a few friends out earlier than we were, I found fishing south and off shore was not producing. Meanwhile, back by our sea buoy, each pass and circle around the area was producing a bite. We caught a few Kingfish and then something big and strong on one of the deep lines. The planer was brought to the boat and then, very gingerly, Justin finger tipped whatever was on the line to the boat, over 100’ of shock cord. A frantic grab for the gaff once it was seen and this 20+lbs. Tuna was ours! Now that’s a nice fish! We worked the area for another hour or so and caught 2 more nice Tunas, another King, a nice sized Bonito and missed a few fish.

Things finally slowed for us and we began seeing if we could fill that Mahi want. Usually blue water where Dolphin frequent is outside of the greener waters from shore but today it was reversed. Just outside of where we’d been fishing was an edge of blue water meeting green water off shore. We began working the edge of this and after about 30 minutes or so had 2 very nice sized Mahi-Mahi on the lines. Our luck ran out on boating these fish as the lines crossed each other after a bit, and cut one fish off. We then lost the other. Big Mahi’s can be like that…

A storm was around and we trolled a bit longer waiting for the skies to clear. Putting the kites up was really wanted now, live bait is excellent for catching large Mahi-Mahi! And finally, it stopped the rains and we did just that. Waiting patiently, we watched and hoped for something to continue our good day.

At one point, the baits got very nervous and we saw a shadow appear. It turned out to be a big sea Turtle and even though Turtles don’t eat the baits, they didn’t seem to know that. Just a bit later, they again got very nervous and this is where the surprise came in. Sailfish haven’t been around much the last week or so but we had one on now.

Rudy’s last trip his guest caught the Sail, this time was his turn and the fish gave him quite a battle. Sails usually jump but this fish was playing it down and dirty, staying deep in the water until he got next to the boat and Justin had the leader in his hand. It was at that point the guys got some great shots boat side of this fish jumping. I’m talking up close and personal stuff. I’m using one for this report and the others are in the gallery.

We reset and a Hammerhead Shark came for our offerings but on the light tackle he made quick work of us and after 10 minutes, broke off and left us. The rain was coming once again and this time looked like it was here to stay so we headed in a bit early to clean Tuna for dinner that night, as well as some to take home.

Thanks to Rudy, Mark, Bob, Chris and Randy. You guys were great. Some great photos too. And you have to love a surprise ending.

Keep em tight… Keep em on.

Captain Steve


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