Great Fishing Continues In Fort Lauderdale

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ElishaI usually write about one trip with how it happened but this week has been so good it’s hard to pick just one. We’ve had a great week catching fish of all sorts from small to large. Let me give you a rundown of what’s been going on.

The troll has been very productive. Blackfin Tuna up to 12 lbs. or so on the troll with bigger Tuna being caught on live bait. Small to medium sized Mahi-Mahi’s have also been around with a few bruisers mixed in for good measure. Bonitos and King Mackerel have been biting well on the reef area with an occasional shot at a Sailfish. All our trips have been catching great fish!

But wait, there’s more! Switching to live bait has also been very good. Sailfish, the larger Tuna and Mahi’s have been eating us up. Shark fishing right now is off the scale. It’s springtime and these fish are migrating and hungry. Finding something big these days is not hard.

One afternoon trip this week had Elisha, his 2 brothers and dad Joe. His dream fish was to catch a Dolphin( Mahi-Mahi). As I said, there have been some around so off we went just a few miles from shore and found a Magnificent Frigate bird flying over an area. A quick turn toward the bird and we were hooked up in no time. Elisha got his dream fish along with 4 or 5 others. But his surprise was not quite over.

We had caught 9 or 10 Mahi’s and had to toss some back because they were too small. Larger fish had been hitting the live baits so we opted to put the kites up. Elisha was back in the chair when a 90+” Sailfish came to play. The Dolphin was his dream fish but he sure had his hands full fighting that Sail. It took him over 45 minutes to get it to the side of the boat where they got some pictures of the fish but I did not. Not bad for a young boy catching his first Mahi AND first Sail on the same trip!

I know everyone up north is happy to see winter end. With the way the fishing has been here in Fort Lauderdale? So are we!

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Captain Steve

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