Good Fishing Action

Posted on by Captain Steve

Today our group wanted action… Good fishing action. While they would love to catch some Mahi, they all knew fishing doesn’t always give you what you want. So something to bend the rod was the request for their trip. And the fish gods were kind to these folks.

We began just outside the port. The mate and I were starting to worry, we’d missed the first few bites and other boats were catching. We finally managed to hold onto a fish and get him into the boat. Bonito! And the crowd cheered… LOL

As we continued, apparently, we just needed that one to begin catching and as we did our best to avoid the seaweed that seemed to be everywhere, we ended with a nice catch of Kings and Bonitos. Our only Tuna bite escaped a few feet from the boat.

Since we had provided some action for our group, we decided to venture out a bit and see if any Mahi’s were around. I had heard nothing on the radio as far as Dolphin but love fishing the deeper waters… You just never know what might appear.

Again weed played a part in out fishing. Some areas were almost impossible to keep the baits clear. After finally find some clear water with big patches, we got our first bite. A Mahi was jumping, though be it small, it felt like a moral victory and turned out to be a keeper.

Our next fish was returned coming up short on the requirement and we went for quite some time before our next bite. With only minutes left in our trip we managed a few more fish for the box.

Good fishing action makes for some happy campers seen here.

Capt. Steve

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