Go Fish Fort Lauderdale

Posted on by Captain Steve

The time is right to go fish Fort Lauderdale. Our weather has been perfect. Light winds, calm seas and sunny skies… Just what Fort Lauderdale is known for.

And the fishing has been great! Plenty of action just a few miles from shore. Kings and Bonito are abundant. Blackfin Tuna and the occasional Dolphin bless our lines. Even Sailfish are being seen and caught as we troll the reef areas and just a bit outside that.

Each year I see the trend change a bit. What should be here thick as thieves isn’t always the case. But with one species not making an appearance, another does. And let’s not forget that there is always that chance for a lost Swordfish or Marlin in close to shore.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the smile of a newbie catching their first fish. Size, species, color and everything else goes right out the window as they land and sometimes hold that prize.

The young lady in the picture was not squeamish about holding her catch. The “ewww” factor went right out the window as she posed with her prize. This is the one thing I hope never changes.

The time is right… Go fish Fort Lauderdale… You won’t be disappointed.

Capt. Steve

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