Fort Lauderdale Mahi-Mahi

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Group fishing using Lois Ann

A few days ago I mentioned that our conditions were perfect for catching Mahi-mahi. Well, the Fort Lauderdale Mahi-mahi bite is going off!

A recent bachelor party were aboard our drift boat with Capt. Jimmy. After catching a few kings in by the reef, they moved off shore to find greener pastures.

Seaweed was abundant and in some places, so thick, fishing was nearly impossible. Keeping the baits clear was a task that needed constant attention.

Once they got out around 600’, the weed cleared some and they found their first Mahi. A nice one too, about 15 lbs..

They continued on the troll for a while and again found another, then another. Picking at the fish off this weed line was becoming fun and the group was quite happy with the action they were having. While the weed became more abundant once again, a turn off shore gave them even more opportunity.

The picture above are the fish the guys could hold… There were more in the box. And while I can’t say how long the Fort Lauderdale Mahi-mahi bite will last, I know it’s going on right now. With conditions and weather forecast of much the same this week, I’ll be looking for them on the rip.

Capt. Steve

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