Fort Lauderdale Fishing Trends

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Fort Lauderdale FishingThe Fort Lauderdale fishing trends are changing as we speak. Just moving that sun a bit south and the shortened days have already had a profound effect on the water temperatures. Because of the cooler water, the fish are more apt to feed in the higher areas bringing live bait into the picture. And we have tons of live bait around right now.


With the recent windy conditions, we have had some choppy seas. Waves break up the reflection of sunlight into the water and this allows more freedom for feeding fish. Our trolling days are becoming less and less and live baits are becoming more productive.


Sailfish have already been showing up with some consistency. They have been feeding mostly on flying fish and Ballyhoo. Just a few weeks ago they would barely touch a live bait but the Fort Lauderdale fishing trends are making live bait the way to go. So if a Sailfish is on your list of things to catch, you might consider investing in a dozen Goggle eyes, with the wind, the kites will be flying.


Large Kingfish are also in the mix. I have one picture here with Captain Jimmy from our drift boat, the Lois Ann. This was the biggest of 8 he caught the other day along with some snappers off the bottom.


The other picture is of Sean, the mate on my boat. We spent the day fishing live baby Bonitos from the riggers. Wes, from Texas, and his two sons were on board and we had hit after hit ending up with a nice catch of fish. We missed twice as many as we caught and were sorry the Sails we saw didn’t give a chance but all in all it was a great day. The rain had our group headed for their car at the end, Sean was the only one that would pose. Well, he was dressed for the weather. LOL


The Fort Lauderdale fishing trends are changing. Less trolling and more time waiting for the bigger fish that visit us in the cooler months. Sounds a bit like our tourist visitors that will soon want to escape the cold from up north. Our first real cold front is here right now, posting lows in the high 60’s. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… LOL


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