Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report

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As we near the end of spring things are changing in the fishing just off shore of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. May is traditionally one of our best fishing months but this year has been somewhat disappointing. While our customers have been quite happy with the results, the captains and mates have expected much more. So, what has been happening when you wet your line? You’re going to catch fish and lots of them. And as I write this report, it is improving with each trip!

Some of our big predators are leaving the area. It’s time for them to move on and they are doing so. You won’t be seeing as many shark pictures as you have in previous months. That’s not to say we won’t catch any, we just won’t see the numbers we have and won’t be spending our time specifically fishing for them. But the Sailfish will be around and mostly caught on the troll rather than live bait. As we warm for our summer months, the surface of the water gets warm, it is already in the mid 80’s. Fish, being cold blooded, don’t particularly like coming into warmer water column and it takes a splashing, moving bait to entice them. Most our fish are caught on the troll and Sailfish are included in that. And catching them on the troll is a blast!

What we have seen lately is an increase in both Dolphin and Tuna action. Nice sized Blackfin Tuna are biting with vigor and the Dolphin have been hanging in the same depth as the Tunas. Most the Dolphin have been small, so small we’ve had to throw some back as they don’t meet the minimum, but they are still fun to catch. Dolphin are one of the fastest growing fish in the ocean and the ones we release today will be big enough to keep in mere weeks. And they will eat almost anything you put in front of them.

A few days ago we fished the afternoon with Steve and his family from Melbourne, Florida. His kids had an absolute blast catching Tuna up to about 10 lbs. and with 18 of them in the boat? They had more than they wanted to take back home. I had a little seared Tuna last night thanks to them and it was delicious!

Bottom fishing has also been active off shore of Fort Lauderdale. Amberjack and Warsaw Grouper have been biting the big baits and the smaller Snappers are chewing on the chunks we offer. Always a good idea to have a live bait out for that passing Sail, Dolphin or Tuna that happens by. The picture is Walter from 2 days ago with a nice sized Amberjack.

Fishing has been good and yet, with all this going on, the crew is disappointed? It’s just never enough for our guests, we want and expect more. And more is on the way. Bonito and Kingfish are coming soon and the Bonito will be formidable. Many times we only get a line or 2 out before catching our first fish. If you are looking to catch a lot of fish? Now is the time.

And that’s all I have for this Fort Lauderdale fishing report…

Captain Steve

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