Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report

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Every few days I write a Fort Lauderdale fishing report. While the trend of fishing may be the same, each day is different. We never know, only hope, that THIS day will be that one when a BIG fish or something special for one of our customers piles onto the hook and line. As a captain doing this for many years? I know it can happen on each and every day. The question is, will today be one of those?

With that said we’ve been having some good fishing lately. Trolling in the reef area has been producing some Kingfish for table fare and lots of Bonitos for something to bend the rod. There have been days that we stop catching them, or try, at our guests’ request. LOL It has been warmer than usual out and they get worn out reeling in fish!

Sometimes, all that work turns out to be worth it, as in the picture above. Occasionally, Blackfin Tuna or other species of Tuna get mixed in with the schools of Bonitos. They are similar and schooling offers protection. Separated from their kind, they will blend in with another group and you end up with a nice Blackfin Tuna like this young man did in the picture above. While it is a surprise, it’s not unexpected at this time of year.

Another fish that may surprise you is a Sailfish. We catch them year round and they can be anywhere from 20’ of water out to 5 or 10 miles from shore. You just never know, the next Sail could be yours…

Capt. Steve

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