Fort Lauderdale Fishing Improves

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Fort Lauderdale Fishing ImprovesFishing in Fort Lauderdale is on the upswing, as it usually is this time of year. April is a kind of starting point where our springtime fishing increases the number of fish and species we catch. Those winter months are usually Sailfish season and even though those up north had extreme winter conditions, we down here in the south experienced and unusually mild winter. With the water never reaching its lowest temperature, the fish had no reason to migrate. But they will, and soon!

We’ve seen this before, most recently just a few years ago. April came after a slow billfish season and in mid-April, we were having some of the best billfish fishing we had seen in a few years. Sailfish were migrating both directions at the same time. But it’s not just about billfish, there’s more.

We’ve already seen increases in King Mackerel, Bonito and Tuna. Mahi-Mahi have also been around though not abundant yet, that is yet to come. And with the Kings and Bonitos around? Here come the sharks as well. April is the time of year we catch most of our biggest sharks as they breed and feed through our waters. I should mention that almost ALL sharks we encounter are protected and released. Only the short finned Mako shark is kept and they are very rare to catch.

With the abundance of fish on the troll, we haven’t been Snapper fishing much but April is a good time for that as well. We’ll also be looking forward to grouper season opening back up May 1st.

Our trip just yesterday with Tim and his boys, Matt, Brian and Tim, netted us 12 Bonitos, 3 nice sized Blackfin Tuna and we released 2 Sailfish. We got both Sailfish to the boat but elected to leave them in the water instead of boating them for pictures, less stress on the fish. Our release flags that the boys are holding will have to do. All in all, a fun trip!

It all starts in April, right now as a matter of fact. Fishing is improving and it’s going to get better in Fort Lauderdale. We’re ready and waiting. See you soon.

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