Fort Lauderdale Fishing Forecast

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With the weather we have been having here in south Florida, the Fort Lauderdale fishing forecast is somewhat easy. Weather-wise, hot temperatures and afternoon showers are the standard. I’ve often wondered if the TV weather people have 3 dart boards… One for the low, somewhere between 78 and 85, another for the high, between 88 and 98 and a third for chance of rain. Each day the forecast changes are minor. And those thunderstorms are short lived…

With that said, the fishing trends also become somewhat predictable. The hot temperatures raise the sea temps, creating a thermocline. Fish, being cold blooded, don’t care for abrupt changes and will stay below these lines as a rule. One thermocline is usually 5 to 8’ below the surface, a second one can be anywhere from 20’ down to 60’, usually ranging around 35 or 40’.

This brings our deeper baits into play. And while any fish can be caught with a bait below the surface, Kingfish, Bonitos, Tuna’s and Wahoo are the most frequent. There are days we go without a single bite on our surface rods, the deep lines and baits doing all the work.

These deeper lines can also catch Sailfish, Mahi-mahi, even Grouper and Snapper if set deep enough. As a friend of mine used to say, there are no fences in the ocean.

As we move further from shore, the tide water that carries the fresh water from rain thins out and we just have to deal with the thermoclines. And while there are no fences, these create barriers of a sort. Fish run along these lines, on one side or the other. Fishing the baits around these lines can and will produce bites. Those Sailfish and Dolphin we spoke of are much more aggressive in the cleaner water. The surface baits play a much larger part.

It’s all about fishing and catching. This time of year, quantity and number of fish keep our guests happy. Will save the stories and jokes for the slower times…

Capt. Steve

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