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Family fishing time

As fall comes upon us, it is time to make some changes in our Fort Lauderdale fishing techniques. Cooler weather and shorter days have most our summertime fishes migrating south. While trolling is still used to some extent, we switch from dragging dead, rigged baits to slow trolling live baits. Small bullet Bonitos and Ballyhoo are my 2 favorites.

If the wind is up and blowing hard enough to get the kites up? That’s an option I like best! The kite supports the bait up on or near the surface. This causes the bait to struggle to get deeper and those struggling sounds are picked up by all types of fish. Sailfish, Dolphin and shark are the usual species, but any fish can be attracted.

Kite fishing also gives you a great chance of “seeing” what’s biting before they strike. The slashing of a Sailfish bill or the fin of a shark that has been attracted. The head wake of a Dolphin or maybe just a splash of a King or Tuna. While your crew is used to looking for these signs, even an untrained eye will pick up the obvious.

Lately trolling has slowed to some degree. The number of fish we catch each trip is declining. But the size of those fish is increasing. The Mahi of the summer are now 15-20 lbs.

With a slow bite, we turn to our wrecks and reefs, both shallow and deep. A live bait on some light tackle can add to the fun. But our deep drops don’t get the light tackle. The fish in the picture is the reason why.

This Black Grouper would make quick work of a 20 or 30 lb. setup. He would have found his way back into the rocks or structure. Now wouldn’t you hate to see that happen… LOL

Fort Lauderdale fishing. Get ready for some bigger game fish!

Capt. Steve

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