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This is a GREAT time of year to be offshore of Fort Lauderdale fishing. You just don’t know what will bite. With all the bait migrating through the area and heading south down the coast, any species of fish can be present and give you a bite. As a friend of mine says, this is where opportunity meets preparedness!

Perhaps it is dinner you are after. Dolphin, Wahoo, Tuna and more can be caught close to shore. Kingfish and Bonitos are always around to some degree and that Sailfish can make his presence known.

While many of the boats are starting to use live bait, I still prefer trolling. You cover more ground and even a quarter of a mile can make the difference between action and no action.

There is nothing more exciting than watching a Sailfish come up and make a pass or swat at one of your baits. Or seeing a Dolphin come in from 150 yards away, pulling a head wake, and charging one of your baits.

If the trolling isn’t producing, we shake things up with some kite fishing. Sometimes live bait will entice a bite when the trolling gear won’t. You can also hit the deep an shallow wrecks for some action on dead or live bait.

While I mostly do the sport fishing end of things, even our drift boat gets into the action. The picture above shows a Sail caught by one of our regular customers on our drift fishing boat. He also caught a nice Mutton Snapper that day.

No matter which type of fishing you choose, be it sport or drift, it is a great time of year to be off the coast of Fort Lauderdale fishing!

Capt. Steve

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