Fort Lauderdale Family Fishing

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Fort Lauderdale Family Fishing

Fort Lauderdale Family Fishing

Getting the kids out fishing before school starts has been popular as of late. Fort Lauderdale family fishing has been booming! Whether it is a last vacation before going home or the locals here, kids seem to be on most our trips lately.


Luckily for us, kids are easy to please and the action has been good. The reef area has been plentiful with Bonitos, a hard fighting fish not very good to eat but certainly fun to catch. Kingfish have also been adding to the filling of the box, as have Barracudas. Most of the Barracudas are small but still impressive with their almost canine looking teeth. The bigger ones make very impressive trophies.


Out trip yesterday consisted of Alex, the dad, his son and daughter and their kids. 3 little guys with so much energy, ages 3 to 5. The morning seas had a slight chop to them so for this afternoon trip, we opted to catch some small fish for our small guys. A trip to an inside marker with some chum and bait rods did the trick and the boys caught 20 or so fish in a matter of 40 minutes.


The seas had relaxed some and never affected the kids. We did some big game fishing, striking out in 2 spots with the “big ones” but caught a handful of nice sized snappers.


Another family outing was the day before with Adam and Angie from Texas. Their 3 kids rounded out our trip and we had a ball with what the fish gods offered. I was surprised when “dad” jumped in the chair first and caught a very small Bonito. Everybody knows, women and kids first… LOL


None the less, it was great catching fish with these guys. My favorite angler of the group turned out to be mom. The great thing about women anglers is they listen. Being multi-taskers, they can also wind and listen to instructions without stopping, most men stop to hear, Just an observation on my part. Angie had so much fun winding in fish, she’d be laughing as she wound her fish in. We again struck out with something big but it didn’t matter. As you can see from the picture, they all had a great time.

So whether you are from here or abroad, your Fort Lauderdale family fishing trip is waiting. But if you don’t hurry, you’ll have to wait for Christmas break.


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