Fort Lauderdale Fall Fishing

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Fort Lauderdale Fishing

There are two times a year I look forward to and one of them is the Fort Lauderdale fall fishing. Our summer fishing pattern will be changing as the waters cool and all kinds of baitfish begin moving south. Trolling will remain the preferred choice for catching fish for another month or so before switching to live baits. With the migration of bait come some changes in our Fort Lauderdale fall fishing catches.

While the most obvious of baitfish, the Mullet migration which can be seen from the beach and in the canals, other types of baits are also making their way through our area. Bullet Bonitos, the smaller version of the “bomber Bonitos” we catch in the summer months, are everywhere right now. Sardines, Ballyhoo and Pilchards are also coming through in droves. Wahoo, Sailfish and Dolphin are ALL making their way south, following this “feast” of migrating bait, and in many cases, in very close to shore.

We have seen an increase in Kingfish on the reef, small groups of Dolphin chasing Ballyhoo and even Sailfish feeding freely on the surface. All this is happening this year a bit ahead of schedule. After the summer months of 90 degree heat, we look forward to some cooler temps and some bigger fish.

Our weather has been outstanding with calm winds and seas and very little rain. Hope I don’t jinx it with that statement. LOL Conditions have been great for spotting fish feeding and bottom fishing. Most days even the current has been cooperating. These trends will continue into October as the sun falls further to the south and the waters cool. Some wind and waves will truly set things into motion.

The Fort Lauderdale fall fishing has already begun. Each day could be that lucky day and the fish of a lifetime might be caught.

Captain Steve

BTW, Check out this short Video of the Porpoise we ran into today while fishing.



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