Fort Lauderdale Dolphin Fishing Improves Tremendously

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MahiFishing for Dolphin (Mahi-mahi) around Fort Lauderdale has improved tremendously this week. It has been an absolute blast going off shore a ways and finding large beds of seaweed. While the seaweed is tough to deal with as far as keeping the baits clear, it’s worth it when you see Dolphin racing out from under those beds and heading for your rigged baits.

Our best action has been 5 to 8 miles from shore, a bit further out than we normally fish. Many of the fish are small from micro sized to around 5 or 6 pounds, so tossing some back has been the norm. But enough keepers have been with them and when the little ones are around? So are some of the bigger ones like in the picture attached to this report.

With our weather lending to calm seas and sunny skies, it’s one of my favorite types of fishing. We troll for these fish to locate them. When found, they attack our baits and begin jumping immediately when hooked! As you reel the first few to the boat, followers may appear. A spinner with some cut bait or a livie can net you some more. It is total mayhem and chaos with lines coming down, rods being handed off and you’re on your own as the mate races off to grab another rod.

Dolphin are one of the most beautiful fish we catch. Their colors are magnificent and they make excellent table fare. The Hawaiian name Mahi-mahi means “very strong” and is well deserved. The small ones are fun but the big ones take patience and some touch to get to the boat. They can be a real battle and with all their jumping and pulling, some do escape to be caught another day.

If you’re joining us this week for fishing, you can expect to spend some time fishing for these fish. And I think this will become one of your favorite fish to seek and catch as well.

Keep em tight… Keep em on

Captain Steve


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