Fishing With Women

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Fishing with womenToday I was very lucky to have the people I had on both my morning and afternoon trips. Both groups were happy and excited as neither had really done anything like this before. And both groups had one gal on board that wasn’t really there to fish…


Fishing with women is a bit different than fishing with the guys. Trying to teach fishing techniques in just a few hours can be tough. Men have strength that they rely on but most women prefer to listen to instructions and use finesse to do the job. In other words, they are more willing to accept help from the gear and the mate.


Sheryl was on our morning trip, a slight woman of 100 lbs. or less. She was just along for the ride and to take pictures. This trip was having great action from the Bonitos and Kingfish and we finally got her to accept a rod with a small baitfish on it. She was actually thrilled with what she’d caught. And her fish was put in the tuna tubes and kept alive.


As our day went on we came to a deep wreck where we decided to use her baitfish for a deep drop. It only took a minute or so before the hit came and this slight woman was hanging onto a 130 International with an unlimited rod bent down toward the water. She kept saying she couldn’t do it but with encouraging words from Mitch, the mate of the day, 20 minutes later she had landed a fish that was 2/3 her weight! And though tired, she was quite proud… Here is Sheryl and her Amberjack in the picture.

Our afternoon trip had Gail, her husband Tim and their son. Yet again those words of “I’m not here to fish” came along. While the action wasn’t as good as the morning trip, probably because of the changing weather and rain, we were still catching fish 3 and 4 at a time. We NEEDED her! LOL And she jumped in. At one point, in pouring rain, she was laughing and a few screams when the fish would run, as she worked the reel and rod again with Mitch’s help.


Both trips had a blast and I think they would have had a good time anyway. And fishing with women and their excitement? Well, it’s contagious…


Captain Steve

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