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Kid's Fishing

Kid's FishingOne of the greatest rewards in this business is fishing with kids. Taking folks fishing everyday does have its rewards, but fishing with kids has a sort of rejuvenating power of excitement, as did our trip yesterday with 3 youngsters that are pictured with their catch.


We begin this day at 5:30 am. I’m barely starting on my second cup of coffee and a car is sitting at our dock. Captain Adam and I are preparing the boat for a very early start when a second car appears with the host. This prompts a release of the first car’s occupants. Let the games begin!


We get our guests on board and the 3 boys are like ants moving around the cockpit. The questions begin and by the time we untied the boat to catch the bridge? I was exhausted from the barrage of questions. Captain Adam was now in charge as the fishing gear came out and the talk never ceased.


No, the ONLY way to quiet these boys was with a fish! And after missing our first few bites, we finally connected A Kingfish was coming in and you’d have thought we had a world record on! Watch out for the teeth, they are sharp, as the boys crowded around Adam to inspect their first catch of the day.


And so it went, with the boys learning to recognize what a bite looks like, how to attack quickly at the rod handle to set the hook. Adam barely had a chance as the bites came and went and the fish box got crowded.


And with each fish came claims to victory for all. The boys were young, between 7 and 12 I’d say, so the gear wasn’t easy for them. They did better with it in the rod holder and sometimes needed help from another.


The questions never stopped but when someone asks you something with earnest interest, how can you refuse? And their excitement is as boundless as their energy. Where does that energy come from???


As any parent will tell you, kids can be a pain. But the rewards are wonderful and so is fishing with kids.


Captain Steve

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