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If you are fishing Fort Lauderdale, you will notice it is not very crowded out on the ocean. This is our slow time of year business wise. People are more concerned about getting back into the routine of the kids back in school than a vacation in our little paradise down here.

I sometimes wonder if the fish know it is slow for business. They seem to bite better when we are not out there. LOL They cannot possibly know this, can they?

Decent sized Mahi, Tuna and soon, Wahoo, are around. October is one of our best times of year for some nice sized Wahoo as well as other species. But with few trips, we don’t get the chance to be out there fishing for them.

Throughout the year, our guests come aboard and exclaim what a great we, as in the crew, have. And it is true! We DO have great jobs. After all, we get to go fishing each day. But this is the time of year that we fix, repair and paint the boats so they are nice and pretty when you come down for your vacation.

2 things are unfortunate about doing this type of work in September and October. It is very hot and during some days it rains at least once a day.

All in all, if you are not out there fishing right now, you are missing some great fish. Things are going to improve in the next few weeks as well so if your schedule allows it? Make the time. It is a great time of year for fishing Fort Lauderdale.

Capt. Steve

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