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With winds from the east this Holiday weekend, my fishing forecast if for Mahi- mahi or Dolphin, if you prefer.

I had to look up Mahi-mahi to see where it came from in the Hawaiian language. Mahi means strong, Mahi-mahi means very strong. Who knew? I didn’t

When the winds blow from the east this time of year, the flotsam and seaweed get blown toward shore. It’s these kind of things we look for when hunting Dolphin. Anything floating on the surface gives shade and cover to small bait fish and even schoolie Dolphin. And with winds forecast for the next three days, all this will be coming toward shore.

Mahi’s strike with force, no matter their size. Many times you can see them streaking toward your bait. Sometimes on the surface pulling a head wake, sometimes jumping as they approach. When they bite, they almost always jump, the first place that these fish are easily lost. You can’t get caught up in the moment, you must remain tight with the fish.

The second quick loss place is by the boat. Yes, they are tired but remember their name. You might think they are whipped but they will surprise you and give a few more jumps trying to elude capture.

Once you do have the fish in the boat, keep him there. Small fish boxes on the transom or even on deck, these fish can leap from the boat back into the water and be gone. Talk about a heart breaker…

So this fishing forecast for the next few days is looking for Mahi-mahi. Unfortunately, everyone else will be looking too. LOL

Capt. Steve

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