Fish Variety Makes Our Day

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Fort Lauderdale VarietyEach fishing trip we run has an element of surprise in it as we begin our day. We never know what we will encounter as we put our baits out in the water. Just as our guests, we have hopes of great fishing but what kind of fish and how big will they be?

As the warmer weather comes to south Florida we almost always begin by trolling some rigged baits. Kingfish, Bonito and more are usually available with this kind of fishing. That’s what we expect. And today’s group got just that, a quick bite from a small Kingfish. Russell easily handled this fish to the boat as we began to search for more. But more were not to be found. A school of one?

We began working our way north with plans of making some deep drops on the artificial wrecks and reefs. William was on the bridge as we trolled saying how nice it would be if we caught a Wahoo. Wahoo, no matter what size, are always welcome and I agreed but mentioned there hadn’t been many around. Apparently all you have to do is ask and your wish is granted. Our next bite turned out to be a nice sized Wahoo! And there is always a sigh of relief once the fish is boated. Their speed and sharp teeth can play havoc beside the boat. So, what would you like to catch now William???

As you can tell, trolling wasn’t doing us much as far as action so we went to a wreck in 265’ of water to try a live bait on the bottom. Grouper, Cobia and Amberjack frequent these wrecks and since we had an early start, we were there first. What usually takes but a moment took 15 minutes to finally get a bite. The fun for this fish was the guys making fun of William as he struggled with the 80# class rod doubled over with a nice sized Amberjack on it. The fish was boated, photographed and released. Another drop produced nothing, not even the bait got nervous, and we were off to fly the kites for something bigger.

The winds were light and with those conditions, the live bait sometimes can pull the kite around allowing him to get out of position. We also had to keep bumping the boat into the wind to keep the kites in the air as the wind was iffy to say the least. One of the baits had stretched out quite a ways from under the kite when a Sailfish appeared. The fish lunged at the bait but with the kite barely hanging, the bait escaped and the fish lost interest. Major disappointment on our parts as we waited for our next bite which came shortly after.

From quite a distance, something was coming toward the kite at tremendous speed. The head wake was easily seen by all and there was NO chance of the bait escaping this time! A large Mahi-mahi had struck. He was easily seen as he gulped the bait and then headed for the short bait on the same side. Having a fish on 2 baits and rods is not optimum so we tried this fish and luckily hooked him quickly.

The larger the Dolphin, the longer the fight. Peter was at the reel and while some fun was poked at him, the want to land this fish was the most wanted part of it all. With coaching from his brother and friends, the fish was finally landed after about 20 minutes. Dinner was definitely had what with the Wahoo and the big Mahi, two excellent eating fish. This is when I found Peter doesn’t eat fish. Such a shame…

Now, even though we were out of time, we still had a long way to go back to the port. We might not have lines in the water but we are always looking for an opportunity. And one presented itself to us. I heard the guys yelling in the cockpit about a fish jumping slightly behind us. A free jumping Sail had appeared and jumped about 10 times heading right for the boat as we ran toward the port. Justin quickly launched a pitch bait and within seconds the fish was on it and hooked!

Fighting the fish on a 20# spinner rod, we were on this fish right away, we had no other lines to clear. Russell was having a ball watching the fish jump and peel line off but one more jump and the fish threw the hook. While there was some disappointment in not an official catch, the fun had been had and our day ended as we rode home.

Five different species made our day a happy one. The boys took some fish to eat and left me and Justin dinner. And I have to say, nothing beats fresh fish the evening it was caught.

Thanks guys for a fun and enjoyable trip. Oh… They thanked us too.

Keep em tight… Keep em on

Captain Steve


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