Fanntastic’s Drift Fishing Boat

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Drift Fishing Boat

Drift Fishing BoatAt Fanntastic Fishing we are happy to offer our NEW drift fishing boat, the Lois Ann. Drift fishing is an inexpensive way to get out on the water for one of our 4 hour trips. You can relax and maybe even catch some fish! That is, if you have the patience and touch.


I started on drift fishing boats years ago and while some things have changed, others have not. The boat is guided by the breezes and currents. Each person has their own rod, reel and is baited up and ready. The captain and mate will tell the group how many arm lengths of line to put out, and if all follow directions, those baits look like a school of fish.

Drift Fishing 3

Our drift boat needs a minimum of 10 people to sail and can carry 60, though we often limit it to less. You stand at the rail or sit on the bench and hold your rod the entire time while the bait is in the water. And… You have to hook them to cook them to be successful at this.


All in all it’s a great way to spend a few hours and hopefully bring home some dinner. Our catches can include a variety of Snappers and Groupers, Kingfish, Bonito, Tuna, Dolphin, Triggerfish and others. Some are on the small size like Vermillion Snappers. Others can be quite large like the Amberjacks.

Drift Fishing 4

The conditions each day somewhat determine where and how we will fish. Strong winds or fast currents make bottom fishing tough so we opt for true drift fishing as it was back in my day. A lack of wind will have you fishing bottom because the drift is so slow.


Our evening trip is usually an anchor trip with chum for mainly Snapper. We may have to move once or twice if the sharks show up.

Drift Fishing 2

Drift fishing can be lots of fun. We provide everything you need to fish including licenses and permits. Your catch will be marked and cleaned back at the dock. Feel free to bring your own food and beverages for the trip. We have a large cooler for you or a small personal cooler is allowed. Please, no glass bottles. Alcohol is permitted but no hard liquor.


We hope to see you soon on our new drift boat, the Lois Ann


Captain Steve

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