Fanntastic Fishing Report

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While I am primarily involved with the sport fishing, we also have a drift boat. This Fanntastic fishing report is about fighting a nice sized fish and hopefully, landing him on a drift boat.

On the drift boat there are at least 9 other people on board with you, many times more. No matter if you are at the front, the back or in the middle, when a nice fish strikes, that fish is going to head one direction or the other. They don’t just swim at you…

So there you are, the rod bends, the reel sings and the fish takes off. The guys that go often know what to do but do you? We want you to land your fish, it makes for happy customers.

First if you’re not standing, you should stand up. Keep your rod at about a 45-degree angle toward the sky and begin reeling. Keep that rod bent!

If the fish begins to go toward other people’s line, you have to start moving that direction. Depending on whether your line goes under or over the guy next to you, you have to adjust. If the line goes over the next line, that angler should move to the rail so you can go over. If your line goes under the next, the angler next to you should move back so you can go under his line, the entire time, keeping the line tight.

There is nothing that can completely eliminate tangles, but you want to keep them to a minimum. And if you do? You might just end up with that nice fish, like the guys in the picture. And we sure do like when you do land a nice fish!

Capt. Steve

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