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With Christmas just a few days away the Holiday rush is nearly upon us. The week between Christmas and New Year is full of families visiting Fort Lauderdale and family fishing trips are most of what we do. The last few days have been just that, 2 days, 2 families and 2 very different results.

Fishing reports are supposed to let you what’s going on, the trends, but this report will show what actually happens from day to day.

Both Tuesday and Wednesday morning trips were family fishing trips. Both trips left at the same time, returned at the same time and were virtually fishing the same way in a close proximity of each other. Our first group, which is pictured, had a ball on their trip catching fish. Kingfish and Blackfin Tune were abundant. We actually had trouble getting our full spread of trolling baits out without catching or missing a fish and this went on for about an hour. We simply could not get all our rods and lines in the water without having to stop to retrieve a fish or re-rig from missing one. While live baiting on this trip slowed the action, a few more nice sized Kings and missing a Sailfish was included. Rich and his family had a ball.

With such success the day before our method didn’t change. Jeffery and his 3 boys were on time and ready. Our efforts proved almost fruitless. Other than baitfish, we just couldn’t seem to get a bite. Well, we did have 2 bites… One was an UFO… unknown fishy object. We never saw the fish and pulled the hooks about 40’ from the boat. We also had a large Silky shark eat most of a bait but managed not to eat the hooks, frustrating to say the least. However, Jeffery and the boys still had a great time. We did manage a nice Barracuda at the end of the trip but it was our only boated fish.

Both days were calm seas and semi sunny skies. On a humorous note, Jeffery brought his own “tilt alarm”. Now, there is no such thing as a tilt alarm for when the boat rocks and there were some swells that second day. Jeffery’s youngest Will was not happy about the rocking and went off each time the boat rocked. The minor moral victory was had when Will, who wanted to go in at first, was disappointed that our time was up and made dad promise to do this again.

It’s not always about what you catch, family fishing trips are about family time and having fun. Something we try and do each and every trip. Sometimes it’s about the ones you miss or that get away. That’s where fishing stories come from.

Captain Steve

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