Family Fishing Fun

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Family Fishing FunMost fishing trips that have family and friends involve the hope of catching some fish to eat. Dave, his daughter Betsy or Boo as he called her and the rest of the group were looking to barbecue something later that day. Most on board had done some fishing here and as we talked trying to decide on a plan of action, I had mentioned live bait. There have been a few Sailfish around and most the decent Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi) we’ve been catching had been on livies… A Sail would be cool so we ordered a ½ dozen live baits.

Our trip out was uneventful as it was a fairly calm day with just enough wind for the kites. Only a slight chop on the water and clear skies was the forecast. Absolutely perfect! We began trolling but the response from the fish was poor on this and just a few small Tuna were caught. Always fun kidding those big, strong boys as they land a 3 pound Tuna…

So we opted to try the kites, we had actually trolled waiting for a little more wind to come up as it usually does in the afternoons here. As had been predicted, a decent Dolphin made an appearance, was landed and put in the box. Dinner will be served…

With the kites back up and loaded, our next bite was Betsy’s turn, everyone but Dave had caught a fish. And here comes Mr. Sailfish! Textbook bite and the game was on with Boo hearing everyone tell her how to fight this Sail, her first.

There is one great thing about women anglers, they listen and do what they’re told. They don’t try to overpower the fish, they use finesse and let the rod and reel do their work. It took all of about 20 minutes or so to get the fish at the side of the boat and Justin reached over, grabbed him by the bill and brought him in for pictures. I mean who wouldn’t enjoy seeing a pretty blonde next to her first sailfish?

Everyone was delighted as we headed home and when our guests are happy? So are we!

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