Family Fishing Fun

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This time of year, once the kids get out of school, we get a lot of requests for some family fishing fun on the water water. It just so happens that when it comes to action? Summertime is the best!

Whether you are a resident hoping to escape the heat for a bit or someone from out of town. In either case, the fish are biting and giving the kids something to scream about… Excitement that is.

Bonitos, while prolific, are not very good to eat. I call them the survivor fish, from the show survivor. On day 28 you’ll still turn it down for food. Day 29? Ok, let’s give it a try… LOL

While not very tasty, they are fierce fighters. They can make for a great day of winding and bending the rod. There are times we must remove some of the ice in the fish box just to make room for the catch! And this is just one species!

At the top of the food chain comes the most popular Mahi-mahi, Dolphin, El Dorado, whatever you wish to call it. Usually found further from shore, they can run in schools and often if you find one, more are close by. This time of year, they are small, in some cases too small to keep. But there’s always a chance of a nice one and even the little guys are a blast to catch.

Back closer to the reef Kingfish will be found. The smaller the better for eating and eaten fresh is the best way. Some don’t care for Kings but I can tell you, they are fun to catch and they eat just fine.

So, whether your family is just 2 or like the crowd in the picture. Summertime IS the time for family fishing fun!

Capt. Steve

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