Drift Fishing

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Here in Fort Lauderdale there are 2 kinds of fishing trips offered, sport fishing and drift fishing. While sport fishing, or big game fishing is extremely popular, drift fishing is the most economical way to get out on the ocean with a rod in your hand.

Drift fishing is a very “hands on” type fishing. You are the one putting your bait in the water. You hold the rod. You move the bait and when a fish strikes, you set the hook. Then you reel your fish in if you were successful in the previous steps.

As you can see from the picture above, our folks today did a great job of landing fish. Kingfish, Tuna, Bonito were caught today. Also landed were some snappers, a mixed bag of Lane, Vermilion and Mutton. With all these fish that were caught, some were missed as well. As you can see, drift fishing was quite productive.

Depending on conditions will determine if you fish shallow or deep. Shallow water can be for strong winds or rapid current while lighter conditions might have you fishing deeper. Here in Fort Lauderdale, only ½ mile more or less from shore can make the difference between fishing in 40’ of water to over 300’.

If you are looking to get out on the water and “wet a line”, consider our drift fishing trip. It can be very productive.

Capt. Steve

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