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The moon phase can play a part on our daily fishing trips. Certain times of the month affects different species different ways. But my favorite phase is just after the full moon or backside as we call it. That’s the time for Wahoo.

April and October are generally the best months for these fish but we do catch them year round. Most are caught with the trolling rigs we use every day and Wahoo certainly aren’t limited to just those few days. They can hit at any time… The fact that this report has a picture of a Wahoo that was caught just 2 days after the full moon could be coincidence… Or it could have been this young angler’s birthday luck that produced this fine fish. It was caught early in the trip as soon as we started to fish.

The bite on the troll slowed a bit this past week. The full moon will do that sometimes. So the drift and sport boats have been doing some bottom fishing. Vermillion snapper have been biting on the deeper spots. Yellowtails and Mangroves have been biting on the anchor trip and some nice sized ones too.

Dolphin have been quite a ways off shore. You definitely need more than a 4-hour trip to reach them. Patience and tenacity are also needed. The best indicator are the birds working the water. With all the weed, there’s just not enough time in a day to hit all the patches.

If you plan on taking one of our daily fishing trips, bring plenty of water. A smile and positive attitude helps as well.

Capt. Steve

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