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In our picture today you see Landing holding his BIG fish. This youngster came on board with his dad, Jake and Danni and ALL he wanted to do was catch a BIG fish. With kids, excitement is always abundant and while this might not be the biggest fish he will ever catch, to this point in his life, this one takes the cake. This Greater Amberjack put up quite a fight and took almost 30 minutes for Landing to land.


But there’s more to this story than just this fish. I believe I have found part of the reason fishermen lie… It’s quite innocent in the beginning if you will indulge me…


I grew up in the Chicago area. As a youngster I remember trudging through snow that was waist deep, much as some of you reading this are doing right now. The thing is, as I grew and got taller, the snow never seemed quite as deep as it did just a few years earlier. At the time, it didn’t occur to me that it wasn’t the snow that was less deep, it was me getting taller.


The same can be said about our young angler here. He had trouble holding this fish by himself so Freddie was happy to help. Besides, he was quite spent from his battle. He also had to stretch his arms almost completely to see just how long it was.


Now we all know that as we grow, so do our body parts and what once was an accurate measurement will now be exaggerated in years to come. And so it begins, a simple form of measurement becomes our introduction to increasing size and weight of our catches! And we end up with our BIG fish story!


OK, maybe that’s not how it starts. After all, you can’t lie about size when it hangs on your wall. Only the ones that get away get that privilege.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Fanntastic Fishing.


Captain Steve

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