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Fall Fishing Report

Here in south Florida, we always look forward to Fall. Cooler temperatures are a relief from them 90’s we experience in the summer months. Apparently, the fish feel the same way.

Cooler weather means cooler water and that makes the baitfish migrate south. That food source has other species following its food. While summer is spent trolling, as this time of year offers cooler surface temperatures, live bait is often used to produce bites.

We have already seen an increase in Sailfish activity. Most are being caught while trolling but soon will be attracted to live bait. Ballyhoo and baby bullet Bonitos are excellent baits for this. Kite fishing also becomes very productive for far more than just Sails.

The Mahi-mahi we were catching just a few months ago were too small to keep. Being a fast-growing fish, they are now keepers as well as some of the larger fish, again following the baitfish. A very popular fish to catch, for both eating and sport, it is often requested as hopeful by our anglers.

The Bonito have thinned out and allowed some Kings to be caught in the reef area. Tuna have also been close to shore. And when ever the Tuna are around, Wahoo are generally around as well, another excellent eating fish.

Bottom fishing on our drift fishing boat has been good as of late. Mutton and Vermillion snapper have been caught on a regular basis. Dropping live bait on the deep wrecks and reefs have also been producing good results with both Grouper and snapper.

The fall can be a great time to fish here in south Florida. As we get closer to winter, the size of the fish goes up. That next one could be your fish of a lifetime.

Capt. Steve

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